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The Commons Climbing Gym

The Commons represents the strength of the Boise climbing community. Oddly enough, our story begins with the closing of another Boise climbing gym called Urban Ascent in Spring 2018. Urban was a small, locally owned gym with an interesting history, but what was most important about Urban was the incredible community that developed at the gym. When a housing development purchased and closed Urban, a void was left in the climbing community of Boise. The ownership team here at The Commons were all deeply involved with Urban, so when hundreds of “Urbanites” asked us to start another gym, we buckled down and The Commons is the result! Coming Fall 2019, we offer Boise’s only full service climbing gym with 45 foot tall roped walls, bouldering, yoga, training, classes, fitness area, and most important- the same warm and welcoming environment that Urban Ascent was known for.

Why “The Commons”?

To some the name of a climbing gym should evoke images of cliffs and mountains, but for us we felt drawn another direction. When naming The Commons, we wanted to highlight the most important part of our gym, the community of climbers and people that grace our establishment. That community is the reason we are here, and they represent some of the finest folks you will find, so we chose a name that literally means, ”land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.”